Furniture Shifting/Transportation

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RTC Cargo Packers Movers is a leading household/Office/Industry relocating company with presence all over India. We have presence in every corner of India. RTC Cargo Packers Movers deals into household, Corporate, Industrial Furniture Packing and Moving. The furniture shifting is done without any inconvenience and in a hassle free manner. With our experience, expertise and market understanding, we offer fast, reliable and professional furniture packing and moving services in India.

RTC Cargo Packers Movers assists you with your loading and unloading service from start to end. Loading of the goods will take place under the guidance of skilled labors will make sure that safety of the goods remains intact during this process. The result comes in the form of the best possible output and the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

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We offer the most reliable and efficient furniture shifting and relocation service. We handle the furniture with utmost care so that it is free of any scar. Safety is our first priority while relocating your furniture/goods from one place to another. We are proud to guarantee a safe-and-sound transportation of your furniture. We take the help of our various car trailers so that we can transport your goods & furniture all over India on a door-to-door basis.

Packing properly is a latest key while you are shipping furniture you want to create sure it arrive in the similar state as it leaves. To make sure that this happen, you must get additional steps to help arrange and put together your items. The number one reason for goods damage is due to inappropriate packaging, so covering your furniture packing properly is very imperative in order to stay away from damage. With additional than more years of knowledge in the furniture shipping and contents delivery industry, the goods inside experts have learned a few tips alongside the way to help you arrange your substance for shipping. Keep these in intelligence to help reduce your chance of damage throughout shipping.

Vision & Mission


We have the technology, state-of-the-art equipment, highly-trained personnel, and global resources to handle secure and efficient transport of your goods for any kind of move large or small, local or long distance. We acquire a large fleet of equipment like conveyor back loading and unloading systems, hydraulic lifts, loading spouts, warehouse trailers, truck trailers, bulk handling equipment, etc.


RTC Packers and Movers is to exceed their client's expectations with graceful customer care. We continuously strive to provide the best packing, moving, and relocation services unparalleled in reliability and dependability. We have a focus on the customers and a Commitment to successful and enjoyable moving experiences for the person we relocate.